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Thread: The Rainforest Exhibit VLOG: Follow our BIG VIVARIUM BUILD!

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    Default Re: The Rainforest Exhibit VLOG: Follow our BIG VIVARIUM BUILD!

    I started to speed up my forward motion to get The Rainforest Exhibit built sooner than later! So I mixed up my sustainable ABG MIX made with New Zealand products from Acadian Supply LLC, FernwoodNZ, BesGrow, Qrchiata.
    Also added Springtails from Josh's Frogs.

    After I fixed some egress issues, I started to attach some of my bromeliads from to the Driftwood provided by Etsy Store,
    Many of these stores/companies provided their products for our exhibit, and we are tremendously thankful!

    Here are some pics of The Rainforest Exhibit as of 4/26/2019...

    Name:  TRE FLORA 1.jpg
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Size:  261.6 KBName:  TRE FLORA 2 side.jpg
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    Default Re: The Rainforest Exhibit VLOG: Follow our BIG VIVARIUM BUILD!

    Just received some cool news today... just confirmed that they will start shipping out all of the aquatic plants that they are giving us for The Rainforest Exhibit!
    We had discussed how we want to use their moss on the driftwood, fax ruins, rock/mudwalls, etc. so they are sending us enough to use it in and out of the water!

    They are also sending us many aquatic plants for the aquarium section of our paludarium (I hope what I wrote makes sense).

    I will post pics as soon as all the plants arrive!

    Name:  tropicalogo111.jpg
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    Default Re: The Rainforest Exhibit VLOG: Follow our BIG VIVARIUM BUILD!

    Almost Done!!!

    Just added some fish...
    Serpae Tetra x 3
    Rosy Tetra x 3
    Albino Cory Catfish x 1

    Frogs coming soon!!!
    Name:  20190518_002853.jpg
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    Default Re: The Rainforest Exhibit VLOG: Follow our BIG VIVARIUM BUILD!

    Quick video overview! More details coming...

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    Default Re: The Rainforest Exhibit VLOG: Follow our BIG VIVARIUM BUILD!

    Here are a few more pictures of The Rainforest Exhibit!

    On the 5th picture, if you look closely, you will see a Faux Ancient Artifact Jewel and Jade Skull! This can ONLY be seen if you are standing in a certain spot and ONLY through a mirror that is installed in The Rainforest Exhibit!
    It cannot be seen UNLESS looking through the mirror! Just some fun (hidden objects, hidden meaning artwork, etc.) that I like to add to all my vivariums, artwork, etc.

    We have a lot more pics and videos coming your way...
    I need all my friends to help spread the word about our YouTube Vlog, subscribe, and hit the Bell icon when you're there!

    @customaquariums @junglehobbies @rainforesttrust @tropicaaquariumplants
    @valiantentertainment @dunausa @tedsfishroom @corafoam_hdusigns

    #customaquariums #vivariums #mistking #rainforesttrust #tropica#dunausa #vivariumworks #paludarium #poisondartfrogs#valiantentertainment #dendrobatids
    #tedsfishroom @solidgoldaquatics



    Our Vlog Channel...

    Name:  TREcompletedinterior1.jpg
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    Default Re: The Rainforest Exhibit VLOG: Follow our BIG VIVARIUM BUILD!

    Quote Originally Posted by deranged chipmunk View Post
    Definitely a very cool build. A couple notes, although I may have missed points since I read through the thread rather quickly.

    First, thanks for your comments! Answers under each comment.

    A) Terribilis and RETF have quite different requirements since one habitates the forest floor where humidity is high and air thick and heavy, and retf live in the canopies where there is more air circulation and less humidity. How are you planning on combating that? I assume you¬’ll be adding fans at the top of the enclosure?

    Yes, I totally considered this. Humidity is not an issue on any level of TRE (The Rainforest Exhibit). If you look at the exhibit, you will notice the 2 side fans, one on each side approx. 12" from glass bottom.
    These are set on High WHEN the fogging unit is not running. since these fans blow out the fog. The top of TRE has small slits, along the glass and under the stainless steel mesh on the ceiling.
    also there is a 1/8" separation on both front doors. When fans are on full the air is pushed through the top slits and the door slit. TRE is fully ventilated. The humidity levels range from 50% (no rain/no fog) to 99% (full rain misting system), however, the average is 75%(drops between rain and fog system, including waterfalls and streams). The Red-Eyed Tree Frog is thriving and we are adding just one to two more.

    B) as far as your aquatic area, you state 55-60 gallons, but what is the usable area for the fish. Since most folk determine their stocking limits by gallons, in paludariums, we don¬’t have that luxury. We lose usable volume in the form of backgrounds and such. Obviously planting heavily and the use of a sump as you are using helps, but they still need that all too precious room.

    The usable aquarium area is approximately 35 to 40 gallons (my original calculation of 55 to 60 gallons was incorrect).
    Hence why I will only keep 8 fish in it at any one time. So far they are all doing well and the water quality is well within safe limits (now that everything settled down).

    The thing that I really like about the build is your mention of using commercial expanding foams and epoxies. I was getting into using them prior to leaving the hobby, so I find it exciting to see someone actually using them. I¬’ll definitely be following along to see how you use them

    As I said before, I used mainly High Density Foam from DUNA USA. Much of it is actually structural, meaning unlike expanding foam, it can hold a lot of weight. I am 6'2' and 240lbs, and I have stood on it with no breaks, compression, splits.
    Any expanding foam I have used, was only used for filling cracks (small cracks, or filling space around lighting wires, some plumbing pipes).
    I think I used about a can and a half of minimum expanding foam. I did not use silicone with coco fiber or soil spread on it. I actually did some of that in the 90's when no one was doing this, however, after awhile it degraded and easily peeled off.

    I use Drylok mix, tinted to color and then SOME acrylic accents colors, then sealed with a matte spray that when dried, was harmless to livestock and plants. However, it must be washed and run through clean water for awhile before adding fish.
    I actually think my original fish kill (3 fish, but still, one death is too many) was caused by the ph levels rising from the leaf litter/driftwood.

    I hope this answers your questions? If you want to know more or would like pics of anything specific, please contact me here or on the website at Contact Page.
    Please ask any questions you want. I am an artist with a background in zoo exhibit fabrication, sculpting, shotcrete/gunite/concrete, wire framing/rebar, welding/framing, and small scale design.

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    My answers are above under each comment.

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    Default Re: The Rainforest Exhibit VLOG: Follow our BIG VIVARIUM BUILD!

    Quote Originally Posted by John View Post
    This is amazing!!
    WOW!!! Thank you!!! (I just realized I answered you before...sorry about that! I will just leave it and thank you TWICE!)

    I hope you will subscribe to my vlog at :

    I can use all the subscribers that I can get who LOVE what I LOVE...Vivariums, animals, amphibians, reptiles, creating habitats!!! plus Custom Kicks and apparel...I paint sneakers...

    Thank you, MAG

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