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Thread: Help with One-Eyed American toad (image attached)

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    Question Help with One-Eyed American toad (image attached)

    I rescued a one-eyed American toad (appropriately named One-Eye) about 6 or 7 months ago, and I am beginning to grow concerned I am not properly caring for his, what we call, “no eye”. He is about 2 inches in size and very plump and healthy, and lives in a tank with a lot of live moss and coconut substrate fiber. The dirt is very loose so it gets a little too close to his no-eye for my comfort and I try to carefully spray him with spring water to clean it away from it. His missing eye is, and always has been, slightly open where you can look in and see an empty socket and some bone. I am unsure if it was caused by injury or from birth, but he can “blink” it and it can react similar to his normal eye in that respect. I’m just growing paranoid that dirt may get into it or that I am doing something wrong that may cause infection. He has no special treatment really, and doesn’t react any different than my two-eyed American toad, but I want to make sure he gets the proper care and that I’m not missing anything. Attached is an up-close if his face to show his eye and lack thereof.

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    (Also, I call him a boy but am actually unsure. If you can tell from this image I’d be grateful lol. He shows male behavior but physically more female attributes.)

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    Default Re: Help with One-Eyed American toad (image attached)

    Well. I'm what dirt in his "eye" would do, but you should regularly check him for signs of infection.

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    Default Re: Help with One-Eyed American toad (image attached)

    He is adorable. Hope he has a long happy life.

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    Default Re: Help with One-Eyed American toad (image attached)

    By the looks of its throat, I think it's a she! Male toads have a black or dark colored throat. Another way to tell is by putting your hand over the back part of its body. Males will usually vibrate like a phone or peep to deter other males from mating with him. As for the eye, a lot of people use neosporin without painkiller for injured frogs and toads. I wonder if its safe for the eye hole if it gets infected. Does anyone else have any input on this?

    Anyways, she is very pretty! Give her lots of treats for me hahaha

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    Default Re: Help with One-Eyed American toad (image attached)

    Hi there! That wound is certainly at risk of infection, especially if you can see the bone! Honestly the best thing to do would be to take it to the vet and see if they can sew the wound shut to prevent bacteria from entering. It may be a bit on the pricey side but it is the best way to ensure the toad lives a long and happy life (and these toads can live up to 30 years!). If you’re unable for any reason to do this, make sure that the wound is kept clean every day and that you clean and replace the coco fiber regularly to avoid the buildup of bacteria. If you see an infection you’ll need to take it to the vet immediately. Hope this helps!

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    Default Re: Help with One-Eyed American toad (image attached)

    It does look like a female. You can actually tell by the ears and the front legs too.

    Actually the oldest female American Toad is said to have been in her mid forties and she passed. So it's thought these toads can live into their forties depending on the care. I'd like to get a male toad in the conversation for a longer lifespan but we will see about that.

    As for the eye I agree with taking to a vet to get checked out it's the best way!

    Good luck!

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