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Thread: Odd white patches on Grey Tree Frog

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    Default Odd white patches on Grey Tree Frog

    Been raising GTFs for many years, and I've never seen anything like this before. She has the patch you can see in the picture, another on her left knee, and some smaller ones dotted across the left side of her body. Other than the fact that she seems a little itchy in general, they don't seem to be bothering her. Her appetite is fine, she's as active (lazy) as always, and her personality doesn't seem affected. When I first noticed it, I thought that she had done a partial shed, and she just had some old skin hanging out as it has the same milky color, but that was not the case. I'm not entirely sure how long she's had this, given that she tends to hide during the day and come out at night, but I know it hasn't been more than 3-4 days, since that was the last time I had her out prior to this.

    I've sent this picture to my vet, but he has yet to get back to me. I tried to take additional pictures, but my phone camera never likes to focus properly on these guys, and by the time I did get focus, she'd color-changed very pale to match me, and the spots just wouldn't show.

    For reference, she lives in a paludarium with others, but she's the only one showing these spots.
    Humidity is constantly around 60%, temp is 72-75 degrees during the day, 68-70 at night.
    Water is 75% changed every 7-10 days based on water test readings, and has a filter/pump.
    I do minor spot cleaning here and there as necessary when I do water changes.
    Everything in the tank is artificial for ease of cleaning/removal, with the exception of some cork rounds.
    There are some springtails that live in the water to help deal with any biomass between change/cleanings.
    Diet is mainly crickets (calc dust 2x/week + multivitamin once per week), with horn worms and houseflies rounding out the usual diet. Wax worms are a monthly extra treat. Depending on availability/weather, other snacks happen, but there haven't been any of those outliers recently.

    I have some silvadene cream in my frog first aid kit, but since it's not a lesion I have held off just in case it would be pointless/inappropriate.

    Any insight into what this might be would be greatly appreciated. I have no idea when my vet will get back to me, and if there is something I can do to start fixing this in the meantime I would be grateful for the information.
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