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Thread: New red eyed not eating

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    Default New red eyed not eating

    I know thereís many threads on new owners and all that Jazz I could just be over worrying but I just got my 1st frog. (Red eyed green tree frog) Iím in love with the beauty of this creature
    but anyways. Got him/her from petco and I do work there and I know many of the reptiles /fish and amphibians are wild caught .(I work only with the fish tho so please donít bash me for not knowing much about frogs)
    my frog so far, is very light sensitive will not move an inch unless every light in the house is off. Is there any way
    I can maybe wean him into not being so sensitive?

    Also so he hasnít eaten since I got emí Iíve tried fruit flies and medium size crickets so far. Fruit flies are gone (prolly flew out the top of the terrarium).
    Im almost certain he may be stressed especially if he is in fact a wild caught frog (we have no way of telling whether or not he is or isnít)

    anyways I guess my major question is how long should I wait for him to not eat before I should remove him and feed emí in a separate container or something. I defiantly donít want to stress him more by handling him. when should I become concerned?

    My my other major question is what else can I try to entise him to eat ? Iím sure crickets get boring after awhile. And Iíve read that you shouldnít feed them too many hard shelled bugs. What would they eat in the wild?

    Thanks for for your time and reading all this haha~

    Terrarrium size: 12x12x18
    temp: 75-80degrees F
    humidity: 75%-80%
    have heating pad on back of tank
    1 branch,1 small pothos , 1 small fake plant and small water dish

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    Default Re: New red eyed not eating

    I didn't introduce my RETF to any "moonlight " until after 3weeks. Your frogs are hunters and are nocturnal so I would try to maintain a strict daylight cycle. Crickets are fine but let your frog do the work. If you want them awake with lights on so you can watch you may have bought the wrong frog.

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    Default Re: New red eyed not eating

    Just leave your frog alone. Keep it in a quiet, dark room. Try not to disturb it (only to change the water bowl). It's okay to check up on your frog after the lights go out and it's awake. Just try to use ambient lighting and not direct, bright lighting to check on your frog. What I mean by disturbing is don't go opening the door and putting your hands in the tank. Mine didn't eat for almost 4 weeks when I first got her.

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