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Thread: Heating Set Up Question - Newbie

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    Default Heating Set Up Question - Newbie

    How do you guys all have your vivs set up for heating? (pictures would be great for reference)

    I'm not used to tall vivs, so i've been playing around with heating before adding a frog. I've noticed that there is a 5-8 degree difference in the temp up top and the temp at the bottom. I'm assuming that's normal, or at least okay, since the frog can go up/down to get warmer/cooler? And they'll go down to eat and stuff at night? I have a thermometer in both places to keep track, i was just wondering....

    Do you guys keep your bulbs on a thermostat, and if so does the constant on/off of the basking/heating bulbs annoy the frog (or you?) Has anyone just used a low watt CHE instead of the basking bulbs (along with the UVB during the day of course) to control the heat? If i use a thermostat, i assume i put the sensor closer to the top of the tank?

    I'm totally new to this, if you couldn't tell!

    What's an easy beginner frog, too? I really want a RETF but (if you read my other post) i'm hesitant to try again and i've read that they can be tricky, so if there's another type of frog that would be better to try first i'm open to that as well!

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    Default Re: Heating Set Up Question - Newbie

    Howdy there! I'm new also so you can take my advice with a grain of salt[emoji2] I attached a pic of what I've used in the past with reef tanks, fresh water and now my paludarium. They also make one with a humidity sensor. In the reef keeping business 1 can mean life or death and frogs seem to have a decent cushion depending on the species but I would definitely get your ideal temps you want at 3 height levels in your system for day and night to remain consistent. Good luck

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    Default Re: Heating Set Up Question - Newbie

    I've also been using a wireless sensor called "sensor push" they have an app and it's super user friendly. So far best bang for my buck

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    Default Re: Heating Set Up Question - Newbie

    For ease of care I'd say a Whites Tree Frog is the hardiest and very social and unafraid of people.

    There are a few choices but they are a very good frog.

    The Green Tree Frog, Squirrel Tree Frog and Gray Tree Frogs are also very good pets. All of these are great to start out with but they are fun even for experienced keepers too!

    I made a care sheet for the Whites Tree Frog and Gray Tree Frog. I hope this helps!

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