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Thread: Frog ate gravel - How much on vet bills and what should I do as of now?

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    Question Frog ate gravel - How much on vet bills and what should I do as of now?

    I've had my african clawed frog for 10 years now, and it is only now that he's had a problem with his setup. I'm devastated that he may not pass these rocks, and was wondering how much vet bills would cost me if I were take him in to get them removed.

    I have removed the majority of the gravel from his cage (there are a few tiny bits that I can't get out still left) and am fasting him as of two days now. He still seems swollen on one side, so I am worried they are going to be permanent. He's still very active, doesn't seem to be bothered at all. What do I need to buy if anything to assist him pass the rocks, and if all else fails how much is a vet going to cost me and where should I search for the correct vet?

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    Default Re: Frog ate gravel - How much on vet bills and what should I do as of now?

    Unfortunately the prognosis is poor if it did ingest gravel. Odds are an impaction will develop. As far as treatment goes you’d need to find a very experienced exotics vet. Diagnostic images such as xrays are expensive enough, then there is anesthesia which incurs it’s own risks and finally the procedure itself which may be difficult if the animal is very small. You may potentially be looking at a bill in the thousands. Good luck let us know how it pans out.

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