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Thread: Odd twitching on flanks in adult American Toad

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    Default Odd twitching on flanks in adult American Toad

    This evening while getting ready to feed my toad (A. americanus), I noticed that his flanks were doing an odd twitching/spasmoid motion. It's honestly very uncomfortable to look at, but doesn't seem to bother the toad at all. Even while this has been happening, he happily ate 2 crickets and 3 superworms, all dusted heavily with a calcium/D3 supplement that I use about every 3rd or 4th feeding. I am familiar with the symptoms of MBD in amphibians, but this is unlike anything I was able to find any sort of information about.

    I have seen this odd behavior occur one other time in another unrelated American Toad that unfortunately died due to unrelated circumstances earlier this year. It only happened once when the toad was a subadult, about 1.5-2 years ago. At the time I was worried about calcium deficiencies, so I soaked the toad in water with a liquid calcium supplement dripped in. It never happened again after that and the toad grew, seemed happy and healthy until her passing.

    The current toad is one I've had for over 4 years now. The two were actually cohabitated until the 2nd toad passed away. The current toad is one that I took from the wild already as an adult of unknown age. I took him from the place where I was employed at the time, because he seemed emaciated and was missing his rear right foot, with only a healed nub (hence his name, Nubbins). He is kept in a 2'x1' plastic tote, coconut fiber substrate, 1 live pothos vine, a dish for soaking (well water so I do not dechlorinate), and is fed in a ceramic dish. I feed him about 2-3 times weekly, and, as stated above, intermittently dust with supplements. He is fed crickets, dubia roaches, superworms, and I did feed him one pre-killed pinky mouse ~1wk ago. He seems in great health besides this distressing behavior. I should also note that he is currently shedding his skin, as I took off a few hanging blobs of shed while looking him over.

    Taking him to an exotics vet is definitely not out of the question, but I want to be sure there's not something I'm missing. I also want to put this out there because I have not found any information even remotely similar to this online.

    I'll try to attach a video of this behavior, I'm new to the site so please bear with me if it doesn't work initially.

    Final note: I do not actually know Nubbins' gender, and I'm actually inclined to say that "he" is a "she". I don't really care which it is because he's just a pet and not a breeder or anything, but I thought it's worth mentioning for this situation.

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