Hi! This is my first post here, but anywho. . . My a-couple-month-old pacman frog has been on an all cricket diet that he's been hunting all on his own since about 2 weeks after we brought him home from the pet store. He doesn't get up a lot (besides to dig new holes), but he still manages to eat them in about 1-2 days. I decided a wanted to try and get him to eat pinkies once a month after I researched them. So I got a one pack pinkie, and thawed it and then grabbed some tongs around the normal time he gets his crickets at night. I tried wiggling it around while he was in his hole. . . nothing. . . picked him up and out of his terrarium and did the same thing. . . nothing. . . placed him back in his cage now that he was wide awake. . . nothing. I was wondering anyone had any tips to get him to eat a pinkie? I was thinking perhaps it's been too long since he's been hand-feed.