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Thread: ADF with white spots on his knees??

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    Default ADF with white spots on his knees??

    I've had 2 ADFs in a 10 gallon with 3 guppies, 2 platies and 2 cory cats for a about 2 weeks now and everything has been fine until today. I checked on them this morning like usual and the smaller ADF was on his back. I thought he was dead but when I went to scoop him out he flipped over and tried to get away but was very slow doing it. His back right leg seemed to not be working. I've been keeping and eye on him for the past 6 hrs especially since I had an ammonia spike of 2ppm. I did a 50% water change and every time I've caught him on his back I flipped him over but he still wouldn't move much. Put some bloodworms right in front of both frogs and he wouldn't touch them. I noticed one of the Platies biting at him (which they've never shown any interest in the frogs before) and when I checked he gone. I've noticed white spots on the other frogs knees that weren't there yesterday. He's acting perfectly normal other than the white spots. Any idea what it could be? Any help is appreciated.

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    Default Re: ADF with white spots on his knees??

    It's impossible to judge whether there's anything seriously wrong with your frogs. All I can tell you is that these frogs do, very occasionally, flip over onto their backs for no apparent reason, stay motionless and then behave a little disorientated when they return the right way up. It's never been a symptom of a health problem in my experience. You say that one of the frogs has white knees but it's quite common for a leg joint to be noticeably lighter than the rest of the leg so, without seeing the frog, I'm not sure that you have anything to be concerned about.

    I think you ought to be concerned about the platies grabbing them though. They probably regard the frogs as potential food which could result in a frog losing a front leg if a platie grabs hold of it.

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