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Thread: Tree frog broken/dead leg

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    Default Tree frog broken/dead leg

    Someone came to me for help with a tree frog that they have owned for a while, apparently when their parent went to check on the tree frog they put the hide down on one of their legs. It was like that for a while to the point where the tip of the leg was dry and completely dead and the rest of the leg is swollen.
    The frog has amazing spirit because it itís still doing great with all of the pain it has to be in.
    Is there anything that I can do for this poor kids frog? Iíve considered amputation with my surgical tools (vet in training) and then super glueing the tip. Then giving silver-sulfa as an antibiotic. They canít afford a real vet. I know that would be best case scenario. But please let me know if thereís anything I can do to help save this guy.

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