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Thread: Albino African Clawed Frog was hugging my hand!

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    Default Albino African Clawed Frog was hugging my hand!

    After a couple years of having Blanco, my Albino ACF, it's gotten pretty tame. When I do some cleaning in the tank or move things around, it comes to investigate. It also loves to jump at my fingers when I hold food above the water. I love this frog so much!

    When I first got the frog as a little guy, I had two of them. Unfortunately, the late Spots, had the bright idea of trying to eat one of my Corydora Catfish, to which Spots choked and died.

    I'm not well educated on sexing ACFs, so I'm not sure if Blanco is a male or female. I've been wanting to get a mate for it. I think it's a male, though, since it does a lot of singing throughout the day and night. Right now, I can't get a new frog, solely for the fact that the pet store only sells the much smaller frogs, so Blanco would probably eat it right up. lol And having a second tank isn't really possible, due to lack of room at the moment. I'm hoping that'll change in the next few months.

    Anyway, so I was adjusting some decor in the tank when Blanco just latched itself onto my fingers and wouldn't let go! It started off trying to eat my hand, pulling on the skin and all, but I'm sure most of us know how futile that is for the little guys. Then Blanco gave up and wrapped its tiny arms around two of my fingers and sat there doing a strange, silent movement with its head like it was trying to chirp? (but no sound).

    I attached an image for y'all to see what I mean.

    I had to fight Blanco to get it off me. When I tried to nudge its arms from around my fingers, Blanco just kicked at me and hugged more! (my poor heart. I felt so cruel!) Eventually, I had to just hold my hand out of the water and let Blanco decide that being out of the water wasn't worth it.

    I'm not sure if Blanco decided my hand was its mate or if it was simply showing affection. I'm going for the former.

    That all said, I'm wondering if anyone has some help on sexing these frogs and maybe has the correct mate for Blanco? I would love to have another adult for him/her.
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