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Thread: Grey tree frog.. broken legs?

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    Default Grey tree frog.. broken legs?

    Towards the end of August, I had purchased an aloe plant for my home. To my surprise, I found a frog in there.. found out that it was a grey tree frog and after doing some research to find out what it eats and what it needs, I adopted it. I bought a terrarium for him, some vines to climb on and a water dish. Since then he's been fine, nothing out of the ordinary, he's been eating well, not too much and not too little. The crickets he eats are fed orange cubes and if I don't have that I feed them Natural Cricket Care with vitamins and minerals and dust them slightly with it before feeding them to Mr. Toad. This morning, I found Mr. Toad between his log and the water dish and wasn't moving very much. I moved the water dish out of his cage and gave him some room. He moved only a little bit and then I used a plastic container to help move him onto his log. That is when I noticed his leg was stretched out and discolored from the rest of his body. After keeping a close eye on him over the next couple of hours, I noticed his other leg was moving, but not as it should. I have not seen him fall or anything, but I'm thinking maybe he fell from one of his leaves overnight? I'm not sure, I hope someone on here can help me with this issue.

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    Default Re: Grey tree frog.. broken legs?

    Please splint legs it, and don't let it run
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