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Thread: Please help... White's TF hurting herself.

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    Exclamation Please help... White's TF hurting herself.

    Please help. My White's treefrog Jade has, for the past month or so, been being exceptionally active in the night times. But recently, there have been cuts appearing on her nose, and now they have been getting really deep. I tried covering the glass walls of her cage, but she still spends her nights hurting herself. I even tried moving her to a different cage, and to no effect.
    I donít know what to do and she is getting serious gashes on her nose. I feel like this has gotten to emergency level as she is still doing it even right now. I am worried that she might be ill or something.

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    Default Re: Please help... White's TF hurting herself.

    My false tomato frog female used to jump at the ceiling and the sides a lot. She has calmed down now, but she looked a bit worn.

    The only thing I can think of is covering the inside with something soft and fluffy... or feed her more... or give her a husband?

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    Default Re: Please help... White's TF hurting herself.

    Thanks for the reply, Reptilian Feline,
    I have tried covering the outside to let her see that it’s solid, but that hasn’t helped so I will try that. I feed her every three days but she has been loosing weight because of the energy she expends on jumping about all night, so I will start feeding her every other day.
    I've been thinking of getting her a husband for quite some time now, so that's definitely in consideration. Thanks!

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