So I just got a Pacman frog yesterday fed him he only ate 1 small super worm though. He went to the restroom shortly after and it definitely was more than a small superworm. Anyways he burrowed in the substrate and I was worried he wouldnít come out but he did. So once he did I tried feeding him a freeze dried cricket which he tried to eat but idk couldnít for some reason. Anyways I figured he was hungry due to this so I decided to try putting a few of the bigger small crickets in . So I put 3 in though I guess one of them died so I had to take that one out, but the other 2 roamed around one of them was fairly close to the Pacman the other one wasnít. So a few minutes later I looked in the enclosure and couldnít find the crickets so I assumed he ate them though he was still in the same position as earlier. I put a small Fluker orange square in the cage just in case and i just went to the cage about a half hour later to check for crickets again and I saw one by the orange square. I tried to grab it but couldnít. So anyways what Iím wondering is will my Pacman be ok if I canít get it out? Itís a small cricket and heís a decent size juvenile. Will it be fine if I leave it atleast overnight? Also if I see it again and canít take it out would it be better to kill it?

also last thing if my frog sees it by the orange square overnight and accidentally eats the orang square aswell. Will it be ok?