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Thread: How to set up a 50w ceramic bulb

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    Default How to set up a 50w ceramic bulb

    Sorry to make another thread, I just had a question about ceramic bulbs. The lowest I could find in my local exotics shop was 50 watts, would this be okay? I'm not sure how to go about setting it up; should I hang it above his tank? My heat mat just isn't heating up his enclosure enough so I think i'm going to switch to the bulb.
    How have you guys set up your ceramic bulbs?
    Thank you

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    Default Re: How to set up a 50w ceramic bulb

    The best option is using a pulse thermostat with a probe and tweaking the settings until you’re content with the desired output and temperature. I don’t know what you have available in the UK but here in the US spyder robotics and vivarium electronics makes some excellent thermostats.

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