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Thread: Whites Tree Frog Heating :)

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    Default Whites Tree Frog Heating :)

    Hello everyone yet again!

    So I finally got my 50 watt halogen bulb in my 18" 18" 24" Exo Terra tank!

    So here are the temperatures. 84-85 "basking spot" he doesn't actually have a spot to bask but this is the hottest part he can reach.

    And towards the middle around 77 degrees and finally around 71-73 at the bottom of the tank.

    His light has been stabilizing for a good 5 hours so I presume these are going to be the end temperatures.

    I'm super happy as his previous bulb barely kept his tank at 70 which seemed to low in the day.

    All temperatures are measured with a temperature gun which has been so nice to have. As far as I can tell every temperature has been reasonable to my knowledge.

    It also turns out his tank stays between 69-70 at night which is totally different then what my temperature gauge was telling me (65 F) I feel pretty comfortable with his night time temperatures now.

    Gordon has been staying mostly at the top around 80 F so I presume he's enjoying the warmth. He's stressed right now but I'm sure after having that bulb in there for another few days he'll be fine. That's how he was with his light before and then he was fine.

    Any thoughts on the lights?

    For anyone interested in using one of these to bump up temperatures my home is 68 F in the winter.

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