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Thread: American Toad Sudden Death - A Warning

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    I made this account today because yesterday a tragedy occurred with my baby boy, Squishy. I was desperately trying to find anything online about this, and was unable. So I want to post my experience for others. He was an american toad who was in the adult stage, but just under 1 inch in size, so I still refer to him as a baby. On October 27, Squishy was completely fine, healthy, happy. He was well fed and showed not a single sign of any illness or anything wrong. October 28, the day after, I woke up and found him with what, at first, looked like a mouth full of his soil (I use Frog Dirt coconut fiber soil). He was not moving and looked like he was choking on a huge mouthful. I quickly got tweezers and water and cleaned out the dirt and noticed it was a very small amount of dirt stuck on, what I believe, was his stomach stuck in his throat. As I'm sure many of you know, Toads and Frogs can throw up their stomach if they need to clean something out. That was normal, but what wasn't was that Squishy was barely moving, and barely breathing. I believe his stomach was stuck, and he was choking on it. I do not know when this occurred, whether several hours over the night, or just before I got up. I tried everything from soaking him in warm water to draw out toxins, to trying to very gently push it back a little to help him, to gently compressing his chest with a finger to try and Heimlich him. That was all I could find online about this if the stomach "prolapses". At one point, he made a choking gesture and tried to throw it all the way up again, but failed. Within half an hour, my dear little boy Squishy passed. I'm completely heartbroken. I want more awareness of this, since there is seemingly none on this issue that I could find in desperate measures. It was extremely sudden, and it shocked everyone who knew Squishy. As I said, just the night before, at around 1am, we were observing him and cleaning his water and he was fine. Then around 9am he was dying, and 9:30 no longer with us. For added detail, his eyes were contracted at his time of passing. The pupils were extremely small and thin, and he always had such huge pupils. After passing, within minutes, one eye returned to normal and the other stayed weird. After several hours, both were back to normal. His stomach is still inside his mouth, and I can tell it is in his throat as it is swollen up to the size of something large stuck in it. I refuse to dissect or mess with him after his passing, I don't have the heart. I wanted to include this for farther detail and possibly diagnosis.
    If anyone has any similar experience, or knows what should have and should not have been done in this situation, and especially what could have caused it: I would greatly appreciate responses on this thread. In case anyone goes through the same thing. Maybe they can save their babies.

    Squishy leaves behind his older brothers, One-Eye and Squeakers. Both are healthy and happy, but show grief as they knew Squishy his entire, but short, life. They are being extremely close and not leaving each other's sides for the time being. Attached is a photo of Squishy from October 26, 2018. Two days before this tragic event. I hope these paper wings became real in Heaven.
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