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Thread: Will Calcium Work???

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    Default Will Calcium Work???

    OK so those of you who read my last post, like Larry Wardog, you'd know that my WTF hasn't eaten anything for close to two weeks I think. So yes I have a UVB light and so far it hasn't helped that much, maybe a little. Right now I was fed up with my frogs having eating problems so I took calcium and spread it on his back. Of course I misted him first so that he'll absorb some through his skin. I have the UVB light shining on him rn so he can process the calcium. Just let me know if this is a good idea. If not what should I be doing instead, I honestly don't know what to do. And BTW I got new coconut fibre soil for him and it is relatively dry as apposed to the last plantation soil I had was wet. I don't think this should matter but if it needs to be soaked them tell me so?

    Thanks, YODA!

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