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Thread: Drop in humidity

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    Default Drop in humidity

    So I have two red eyed tree frogs in a 45x45x60 viv with mesh tops.

    The temps have been fine for the last couple of months but have now suddenly dropped 20% over the last week.

    The only thing I have changed is adding some plants and some more substrate (wet)
    i have doubled the amount of water my mister outputs, I have set it to spray ever hour but I cannot get the humidity to increase unless I manually spray it.

    Im not sure if itís because itís going into winter and the general humidity of my house is changing or itís the additional plants so I thought Iíd ask here.

    I need 70% humidity, only getting 50-55%

    Any advice?

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    Default Re: Drop in humidity

    The simplest way to maintain humidity is to restrict the ventilation. I cut pieces of 1/4inch glass and fit them over the screen. If you’re uncomfortable cutting glass measure the screen and go to a hardware store. They can cut it for you to fit. I covered 80 percent of my red eyes screen top and I’ve had great results.

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