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Thread: American Toad Breeding Without Hibernating??

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    Default American Toad Breeding Without Hibernating??

    I was curious if two sexually mature (obviously a male and a female) American toads will breed come Spring time if captive & don’t go through hibernation? Is hibernation something that a toad MUST do to get itself ready for breeding or can they skip hibernation & have certain other influencers applied to trigger their internal mating “clock”? If mating while foregoing hibernation is possible, Is it possible to change lighting according to time of year and not change temperature to help try to entice breeding during spring —or— when spring time comes & the wild toads can be heard calling at night, taking said toads outside to hear the male toads calling and recognize it is spring and time to breed, thus possibly helping to entice breeding? I have read on here that they must hibernate but have read elsewhere that if adjustments to lighting/temp are made along with introducing “rain” at the right time it can help trigger the toads to mate without hibernating?

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    Default Re: American Toad Breeding Without Hibernating??

    Which state/province are you from and did you purchase them or did you catch them in your backyard? Just asking because you could be from warm or cold climate.

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    Default Re: American Toad Breeding Without Hibernating??

    No American Toads need hibernation to breed. You would have to put them through a temperature change and it's a long process it's not a process you can skip anything or the toads will die. All American and Fowler's need to hibernate. You can just get noises on YouTube and play them on a TV or phone or something for hours so they can hear them. If you are you planning on hibernation?

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