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Thread: Need help heating Pacman frog tank

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    Default Need help heating Pacman frog tank

    I have a Pacman in a 10 gallon tank with live plants and I noticed the temperature is low in the tank now that itís starting to get cold here. So I put a heat pad on the side of the tank and it doesnít seem to make any difference at all. Iím considering putting a CHE on the tank, but what wattage and fixture would work best? Iíve been reading through the forums and I havenít seen anybody using just regular low wattage heat bulbs, is there a reason for this? Thanks for any input

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    Default Re: Need help heating Pacman frog tank

    I live in the UK and we need extra heating. I also use a heat mat on the side, but as you say it's not enough.
    I use a 100 W ceramic bulb in a dome above the tank. I have this working with a dimming thermostat and set it so as the max temp on the substrate is 82 deg.
    It's not the cheapest method, but I find it the best, hope this helps

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    Default Re: Need help heating Pacman frog tank

    I found for my pacman frog in my 10 gallon I get away with a 60 watt black night bulb and my room temperature is around 73F.

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