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Thread: Should I be worried about my new WTF

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    Default Should I be worried about my new WTF

    I have had my two whites tree frogs for three weeks now. I am totally new to frogs.
    One will eat 3 or 4 crickets every other day but the other will only now eat one. when I first got them it would eat 3 but now it jumps on the first eagerly but then doesn't want the other two. He/She seems healthy but it is a very shy frog and hides away all the time only coming out when the night light is on and everyone has gone to bed. I sometimes go and have a peep in the night if I get up and it will be sitting in the water bowl on on the floor but by the time i get up it is back hiding in its favourite spot. It looks healthy and is a plump little thing.
    Just would like a few opinions.

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    Default Re: Should I be worried about my new WTF

    To me it doesn't sound strange at all. White's tree frogs as far as I know are nocturnal so they sleep/hide during the day and are very active during night. Leave crickets out during the night and they should eat them. If you want them to be more active during the day I would keep the temp at 77-85 F and have a UVB light so that they can gain additional energy for it. It helps them take in calcium so I would recommend dusting their crickets. I'm not an expert at all, but I'm happy to help!

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    Default Re: Should I be worried about my new WTF

    I agree with what Yoda mentioned but I believe these frogs are most active at 80-86. For some reason they are more lazy even at the 78F mark lol

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    Default Re: Should I be worried about my new WTF

    I actually think I was in a bit of panic mode as (like I said) I am a complete beginner with frogs.
    Since posting she (think its a girly) last night pounced on 5 crickets in a matter of 2 minutes.
    I wasn't worried that she is hiding all day, if that is where she feels more comfortable thats fine, I was just worried that the hiding and not eating very much were linked to some problem but as I say last night she had a big feed.
    Thank you both for your advice, very much appreciated.

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