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Thread: Sick froggy, could really use some help

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    Hello, I am fairly new to to having frogs, and have started with 2 Whites Tree Frogs. I have them in a 20 gallon aquarium, with coconut substrate, a bit of forest moss, large water dish, good sized hide, two plants and two branches for them to climb on. They eat about 10 crickets each every other day (dusted with calcium powder), and they get worms as treats every once in a while. Their enclosure is cleaned every weekend, their water is changed daily. Temp is kept around 75 at night, around 80 during the day, UVB light during the day, and humidity is kept between 50% and 75%.

    Now, here is where I really need some help. About 6 days ago, we noticed one became lethargic and wasn't really eating. We allowed another day or two to go by to see if she bounced back before we really took her out of the enclosure and examined her. That is when we saw she had a sore on her back leg. We immediately assumed it was red leg or another kind of infection based on our internet searches and separated her, but her legs and belly are not actually red, other than the sore, so we just aren't sure about the red leg. Although that is what pops up first when you search for "frog" and "sore on leg"! Her leg is a bit swollen around the sore. We have been keeping her in a hospital tank for the last 3 days with just damp paper towels, a water dish and a hide and cleaning it every day and keeping the temp a bit higher (between 82 and 84). Her appetite appears to be coming back, she ate two nights ago and again tonight. She also shed last night.

    I have attached a picture that shows the sore on the leg. Can anyone help us identify what this might be? Does anyone have any advice on how we can help this little one heal? And what we should be on the lookout for? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, as again, we are fairly new to being frog parents and have never had to nurse one back to health before.

    Thank you!
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