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Thread: Red eyed tree frog question

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    Default Red eyed tree frog question

    I am thinking about getting a red eyed tree frog. Would a vertical 10 gal be big enough? Also how big do they get? I'm assuming they can eat flies and crickets. Please correct me if I'm wrong!

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    Mine eat crickets exclusively, I can't get them to eat anything else. My froglets eat fruit flies and bean weevils, then crickets as they put on some size.

    A ten gallon is fine.

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    Smile Re: Red eyed tree frog question

    They get to be about 2 inches and the girls a little bigger. A 10 gal would technically be big enough but try and get an enclosure as big as you can resonably afford and have space for. They will be in it for the rest of their lives. The bigger the better. Of course I am the other extreme. I have a 60 gal with three frogs in it and I wish my tank was about 2 feet taller. So I'm probably not the best one to ask.

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