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Thread: Bioactive Pacman Frog Setup

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    Default Bioactive Pacman Frog Setup

    I just finished my first bioactive Vivarium for my new Pacman frog and I think it turned out really well. I used a 10 gallon tank and put a layer of aquarium rock on the bottom with a screen cover. I then took dirt from a state natural area and mixed it with spagg moss so the dirt would not compact and with hopes the spagg moss would hold some moisture in the substrate. I then collected oak leaf litter and layered it on top of the substrate and mixed it as well. I then collected isopods and springtails and placed them inside of the Vivarium. I used mopani wood as decor, along with pothos, rabbits foot fern, and a spider plant. I collected moss and layered it under the water dish. This is my first setup and Im really proud of it, I just need a better light source. My Pacman seems to really enjoy his new habitat. Let me know what yall think!
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    Default Re: Bioactive Pacman Frog Setup

    you have set for your Pacman frog the environment is great, its looking very close to nature and enough scenery, i like the tank you put in it
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