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Thread: bring my one eyed frog home this weekend

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    Default bring my one eyed frog home this weekend

    iím bringing home a pacman frog from my job this weekend. he had a cricket accident and had to have his eye removed. he came from the vet today and got the okay to bring him home whenever i can. because he just had surgery, he cannot have any substrate for two weeks (was told to use paper towels). i bought a heating pad for his tank but i worry without substrate it may too hot for him. should i use a heating lamp instead?

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    Default Re: bring my one eyed frog home this weekend

    One option for heating pads is a thermostat. Basically, it's a probe that goes between the heat pad and the glass and you set your desired temp. The thermostat will turn the power to the heat pad on and off to keep it at the temp you want it. You can usually get one for about $30 on Amazon.

    Also, you may already know this but be sure to put the heat pad on the side of the tank and not the floor.
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    Default Re: bring my one eyed frog home this weekend

    In my personal experience I've found that heat lamps are way more effective for the ambient temperature of the tank than heating pads. I've noticed that heating pads stuck on the side of the tank only increase the temps by like 2-3 degrees, whereas the heating lamp can bring it up 10+ degrees. So I would say if you're worried about it being too hot, go with the heating pad on the side of the tank and maybe just try and keep the room as warm as possible until you can put him back in with some substrate?

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    so i got the okay from the vet to put him back in substrate. problem is i have both a heating pad on the side and heat lights and the temperature isn’t going above 69. i’m at 40 watts. should i increase?

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    Default Re: bring my one eyed frog home this weekend

    What size is your tank? What heat lights are you using? And the reason why most people like heating pads is cause the heat lights usually dries up the substrate dropping the humidity down.

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