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Thread: My Toad is Not Eating Enough!

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    Unhappy My Toad is Not Eating Enough!

    I got an American toad about a week ago. I determined that it was female (using the "croak" test). My problem is she is not eating well. She has only eaten two superworms in the past week. I put them in her cage so she can "hunt" for them but she won't. She will only eat one worm on the days that she will eat and that is outside of her cage. I thought that toads were voracious eaters. Is something wrong with her? Or does she just hate superworms? I would try another creepy crawly for her such as crickets but she doesn't appear to be a good hunter and I am afraid that she will not catch them. What should I do to make her eat?

    She has the proper water and set up. I have a multivitamin and calcium powder for her. Please help. Thank you.

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    Default Re: My Toad is Not Eating Enough!

    Try a variety of insects. The toad is probably a better hunter than you realize. If not, try placing the insects in a "feeding dish" that they can't escape from, but that the toad can easily enter and exit.

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