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    Exclamation FBT Escaped

    I just had the craziest morning ever. I know this forum isn't checked very often but I just felt like I needed to share this story with someone! So last night before bed I checked on my FBT enclosure like I usually do, the frogs were fine, I noticed one of them had climbed up high on a plant which is normal, he likes to climb up on the glass and the plants pretty often. This morning I hadn't checked on the tank yet and I was still getting ready in my bathroom. I have two dogs, one 5 year old mix and one 5 month old Great Dane puppy, plus two older cats. My dogs were playing in my bedroom next to my bathroom and I come out and notice my puppy is nosing something in the dog bed and I realize it's one of my FBTs!!! I freak out, run over to him and pull him away, I'm sure that the FBT is dead when I see it move. It had gone into the "unken reflex" so it looked totally disfigured, but it was fine! Once I pulled my dog away the FBT flattened back out and was just sitting there in the middle of the dog bed, so I went over and picked it up and quickly brought it back to the tank. I looked him over about 20 times and I couldn't find anything wrong . Once back in the tank the FBT hopped over to his water dish and jumped in and has been sitting in there every since. I think he's more traumatized than least I hope. I put three relatively heavy things on top of the tank to make sure the top is secure. This is crazy, I've had FBTs for 5 years now and never once had one escape from the tank! I checked the top when I put him back in and didn't see that it was left open or anything like that, so he must have pushed his way out somehow. The tank is in a spare bedroom down the hall from my bedroom and is kind of a far distance for the little guy to make it....I'm wondering if one of my animals found him and carried him into my bedroom?? Or how he even ended up in the dog bed??? So after dealing with that I called my vet to see if I should be worried about my puppy playing with the FBT, the vet had no idea and told me to call ASPCA poison control. Poison Control told me that if any of the animals had ingested the toxin they would be showing symptoms within the hour. All of my animals were fine 1.5 hours after the fact so I think I'm in the clear! Anyway, the point of this post is in case anyone ever has this happen to a dog or cat make sure to watch for symptoms of poisoning for at least an hour after. I googled for like 10 minutes trying to figure out what I should do and couldn't find anything! If the animal eats the entire FBT then it most likely warrants an immediate vet visit, however if the animal only has it in it's mouth then just make sure to watch for symptoms of poisoning closely. This is also for captive FBTs who's toxicity is probably relatively low, if a dog or cat touches a wild poisonous frog or toad the chances of poisoning are a lot higher. Does anyone have a similar story to mine?

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    I just lost my FBT to a neurological thing (he had a badly deformed leg from birth, and I strongly suspect it was just some congenital issues catching up with him as I've had similar things happen to other severely disabled reptiles/amphibians)
    But anyway, over a year ago this frog that was essentially missing an entire back leg escaped. Still no idea how. Couldn't find him anywhere and finally just assumed he was dead after keeping water dishes all over the house for a few weeks with no sign of him. About FIVE MONTHS later (escaped early spring so this was early fall) I was in my unfinished basement doing laundry when I saw something hopping around the floor and recaptured him. The little jerk had somehow gotten down a flight of stairs and lived in my basement for that long.
    He literally just passed away tonight, which is sad but hey, how many captive bred frogs get to be wild for that long?
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    I'm sorry you lost your FBT, I recently lost one of mine too and have no idea why . But they really are pretty hardy animals! I can't believe yours lived that must've had a water source in your basement that it was living in or something, and maybe some insects down there too! So crazy! After thinking about it all day yesterday, I almost think that mine may have hopped into my dogs bed at night while she was sleeping for warmth or something still not really sure what actually happened though, and I will never know.

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