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Thread: My African bullfrog won’t eat!

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    Default My African bullfrog won’t eat!

    Good day to everyone who’s reading this.
    I own a 1,5 years old male pyxicephalus adspersus. For the past 2 weeks he didn’t eat anything at all. I tried feeding him flower chafer larvae, superworms, hornworms, he just kept hissing and turning away from the food. He appears quite active, looks healthy, urinates on a regular basis. In the last 2-3 weeks he had issues with defecation, but it is dealt with now. His menu consists mostly of superworms, he used to eat Turkestan cockroaches, mealworms and mice, but he stopped eating any of these due to unknown reasons. I try to feed him every 5-6 days. Also he is afraid of large roaches and crickets, he just tried to “run away” from them, so I never gave it to him again.
    He lives in a 20 gallon terrarium with coco husk substrate and forest moss, it also has a a heating lamp (+20C approximately, I don’t have a thermometer in there) and a water dish. I change water in it everyday and spray the substrate and my frog with water every couple of hours.
    Is that okay for an African bullfrog to stop eating for a few weeks? Should I take my frog to a vet clinic? Also, what else should I purchase for my frog’s terrarium to make it more comfortable? Thank you in advance

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    Default Re: My African bullfrog won’t eat!

    It might be a change in weather, but probably he was constipated and takes a while to get back to eating. I'm not an expert, so this is just my thoughts on the subject. Maybe it's a bit cool in his box?, Get a thermometer and check.

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