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Thread: My first vivarium

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    Exclamation My first vivarium

    Hello guys. I'm starting a project dealing with individualism in animals and I specifically wanted to do frogs. My plan is to set up two vivariums and then grow a tadpole in each. I would record how they grow and eventually how they differ even though getting the same living condition as the other. My main question here is how do I set up a vivarium? I have been wanting to get a red-eyed tree frog and I'm using this as an excuse to live out my dreams. So I need help setting up a vivarium for red-eyed tree frogs. Thank you guys! (Also I'm looking for a mentor so if you know any good animal behavioralists please let me know)

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    Hello that's a cool idea! I am great with building native species vivariums. I was one of the if not the first to document using perennials from my state successful. I have a lot of educational and informative videos on my YouTube channel. I have behavior documentation on some videos as well. I will be doing more videos featuring behavior as well. You can check out my top videos in the link below!

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