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    I have 2 WTF. I have owned for going on 2 years. Both males I suspect. 4 days ago I noticed 1 was not active, sitting on the same branch for what seemed like days, inspected him to find a swollen leg and what seemed to be a wood splinter? He has been quarantined the entire time. But still does not seem to be improving after melafix txs. No reptile vets in my area. And nobody at Petco has seen anything like this situation.
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    Do you know how the frog got the splinter? if i where you and a vet is not a option i would just wait it out. if it is a splinter than his body should just push it out depending on how bad it is. keep feeding you frog but keep a eye out because it might get infected if it get any worse just let me know i i might be able to help with that hope you frog well be ok.

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