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Thread: Frogs not eating, please help!

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    Default Frogs not eating, please help!

    Hi everyone,

    We have two pixie frogs, one male and one female. They each have individual set ups, both have been fantastic since we got them. As of two weeks ago, they both have been refusing to eat. We were out of town for a few days and when we came back, their setups were very dry other than their water dishes and they both appeared to be hibernating. (Eyes closed, skin tough) after we got the setups rehydrated and they shed, they have been okay since, but still won't eat. They have been going to the bathroom no problem and have been awake and alert, they just refuse to eat and we are getting worried.

    They are both around 14 months old

    Has anyone ever had an issue with these guys not eating? And tips or advice would be incredibly helpful, thank you!

    The female is in an 18x18x18 with a 50 watt mini bulb. Temps are around 83F day and 75F at night. The Male has a 40 gallon breeder with a 60 watt day bulb. Temps are about 80F day and 75 night. They are both on coco fiber with cork hides and nice big water bowls

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    Default Re: Frogs not eating, please help!

    I have a fussy edulis. Give it another day or 2.
    Also try to invest in a timer and a mister for when you're on vacation.
    If not, try to find a friend or sitter that you can write a care sheet for or that can keep the tanks humid.
    It will help avoid problems like this.
    When mine doesn't eat for an excessive amount of time I put him in a honey bath.
    Just fill a tuppaware with bottled mountain spring water and a littllllle drop or 2 of organic honey
    and plop them in. It'll provide a sugar rush and might get their appetite going again. Leave them in for a half hr to an hour.
    After, let them get situated again and if you want, try to feed assisted later or next day w/tongs. It usually works. If not, don't panic.
    Your vacation may have just screwed up their system temporarily, if they had a strict routine with their lights, temperatures, and humidity.
    If another 2-4 days pass and they still don't eat, schedule a vet appointment.

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