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Thread: Sexing and breeding white's tree frogs

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    Question Sexing and breeding white's tree frogs

    I have 4 white's tree frogs, but they all croak at night!?!? I think they're all boys but I heard sometimes the females respond to croaking. Everything about sexing them is so confusing, are they like mossy frogs where there's a weird sex ratio being sold?

    Anyways my other question is how do you get them to breed? I know that I most likely have all boys but i'm going to try and get one or two more so I can get at least one female so i can breed them in the future. I heard so many mixed things about breeding them, one website says you have to hibernate them over the winter, other websites say you just have to change the photoperiod in the enclosure as the year goes by, and others say they just ignored them for a couple weeks and stuck them in a rain chamber after. This old man who owns a pet store near me said he literally just put his outside during a giant thunderstorm, and the pressure drop stimulated them, no conditioning or anything. And I kinda believe him because he has bred tons of fish and other amphibians such as newts and dart frogs (and he had a big tank filled with dozens of little white's tree frogs).

    So can anyone who has experience breeding them tell me what they did?

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    Default Re: Sexing and breeding white's tree frogs

    I'll try my best, I have never bred White's tree frogs. If you have a female chances are they don't have vocal sacs (dark or loose throats would be signs of male) and are noticeably larger. Provide a natural photoperiod and cool night temperatures. Yeah a rain chamber or natural rainfall would be good solutions. I don't know how to set this all up because I only have one male WTF.

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