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Thread: is my baby pacman okay?

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    Exclamation is my baby pacman okay?

    hello there! about a week ago i purchased my baby albino pacman frog from a pet store; i have never had one before and am coming at this with experience handling reptiles rather than amphibians. since he is my first, i'm not sure what to expect, and despite all the research i've done i can't tell whether or not he is healthy and okay or if something is wrong. i have one main question (listed below), but also if you have any kinds of tips or advice for me as a new owner they are much appreciated! also for the record, he is about 1x1 inch wide.

    today i was cleaning him off (pouring water over him to get some of the dirt off) and when it didn't wash away around the folds in his back legs i gently began trying to scrape it off. it was stringy, and upon further inspection i saw that his skin was peeling off his back legs, and i know it's normal for them (especially growing pacmans) to shed but he has only eaten once since i brought him home about five days ago. i gave him two small crickets, one he ate, the other he let run around until it died in his tank.

    as far as his tank set up goes and his daily routine, this is it:
    - tank: a 10 gallon vivarium with ~2 inches damp coconut substrate on the bottom, and an under tank heater (he also has a shallow water dish that he doesn't really interact with)
    - misting: i spray his tank with room temperature water about ~4-5 times a day, until the walls are misted. a little extra when i wake up and before i go to bed, too.
    - eating: only ate once (hopped forward out of his little ditch, ate one small cricket) and will let the crickets run on top of him or in front of his mouth and not move at all. i have on two separate occasions tried holding the cricket with forceps in front of his mouth and bonked his lips with them a little and he has not responded at all.
    - behavior: doesn't move around a whole lot (i know that is to be expected) but yesterday and today he was in the same spot the whole day long, until i tapped him to make sure he was alive and okay. he does burrow down with his back legs like is typical of them, but does not cover his entire body with substrate, just kind of makes a ditch and sits there.
    - misc: the man at the pet store suggested an under tank heater instead of a light, since he is albino-- he gets minimal light from a desk lamp across the room but is not in direct light. i don't think i have ever seen him with his eyes closed, only squinted. and lastly, i today added a wet paper towel balled up in the corner of his cage in the hopes if he needed more moisture he could go towards it, but i'm fairly certain he definitely has enough moisture.

    any help and advice you can give me is greatly appreciated! also, any general tips for caring for amphibians or for a new handler would be great. thank you so so much and i am very grateful.

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    Default Re: is my baby pacman okay?

    Totally normal, they molt their skin on a fairly regular basis, but if his skin was looking dry you may need to up the humidity a bit.

    i would also put the heater on the side of the tank, they try to burrow more deeply if too warm, so his natural behavior is counter to current setup

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    Default Re: is my baby pacman okay?

    Sounds like he has what he needs. Would be very careful to not stress him by constantly checking on him. Pacmans have to settle in and feel safe before they start eating.

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    Default Re: is my baby pacman okay?

    My packman is lazy as well but I did notice if he completely borrows for a few days. Then it's a sign hes compacted and needs to poop. Seriously I get him and put him in room temp water, a few minutes later. He does his business and is read to hunt. Best of luck packman arent too exciting in my experience so far.

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