Hey everyone, I've been a lurker for probably a few weeks and I finally got my Pacman Frog! He's 9 months old and I got him on my birthday the Tuesday, September 11, 2018. I named him Slippy from one of my favorite Nintendo 64 games "Starfox 64" . He only eaten one dusted cricket since I got him unfortunately but upon reading they say they're just stressed from moving to a new enclosure so it will take them a few days to maybe a week or two before they start eating. I bought him some live plants like small ferns, crispy waves, a small dwarm umbrella tree and I might get a bromeliad but also upon reading they say just skip the live plants as Pacmans love to trample and bulldoze through things uprooting the plants or just destroying them haha. Anyways hope to be a active member as I will share my stories and experience with everyone here.

If anyone got some tips about Pacman Frogs let me know!

Also would anyone know what morph my Pacman is by any chance? Here's pics of Slippy : )

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