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Thread: Questions on Converting a Large aquarium

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    Default Questions on Converting a Large aquarium

    I wanted to get some information that I am unsure about. I recently broke down my 240g aquarium. and I am trying to decide what to do with it. I have been researching frogs, darts and mantella's mostly over the years. and at one point was going to setup a large viv. that got scrapped in light of my 240g aquarium. Now that I have dismattled the tank. I am thinking of making it a viv. my questions I have are basic but confuse me for this large of a tank as most research don't pertain to tanks with a 8'x2'x2' footprint.

    my questions are.

    1.) Ventilation, what would be the best way to vent this tank? what about Internal air movement? the lids on the tank need to be replaced, I have 4 openings aprox. 20"x18" across the top. Assume I am keeping darts.

    2.) The lids, As i said the glass lids need to be replaced, ( need new hinges and acrylic back panels. but was going to just redo them for a more functional set up anyway. as they aren't the greatest lids either.) So was thinking of 2 solid glass lids for the center. and then lift out panels for the outer edges, the outer edges would also be where any piping or wires will be as designed by the tank. but this is also where I ask about screen lids and anything else that pertians to ventalation. also want a Mist King set up so best way to incorprate that through the lids?

    3.) Lighting? I ran 4 dual bulb shop lights on the tank, for a while Until I went with a nonplanted SA black water tank, with very subdued lighting and then just ran 2 shop lights for 3 hours mid day with a fennix 24/7 planted plus light for the day and night cycle. so What would you recomend for lighting. (i do want a jungled tank)

    4.) lastly I have no control over the thermostate of the house. Summer time I suffer. The room stays around 77-79, hardly ever above that or below that in summer. I can't cool the room down with a window unit due to the type of windows, and the size of the room. but I do have a mini fridge under my stand for frozen food and stuff. so cooling the underside and the back between the wall would be more feasible. But my question is, keeping the tank from over heating in the summer is more a concern for me then keeping it heated in the winter. what would be your recommendations for this situation? should I even attempt it in this room?

    So they are my questions, I had only intended to shut the tank down long enough to re-build the sump and plumbing and aquascape it, but I am kind of getting burned out I think, so just looking at other options, and I really loved darts. and do plan on keeping them in the near future in one tank or another. so thanks for your time.

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