Selling some plants to clear room for some new ones.
These are chemical/pesticide free plants grown in soil/wood chips/leca. I've had all of them for 1 month to several years-no disease, no pests.

Shipping is in the Continental US only via USPS priority mail in boxes (no soft packages). Payment via Paypal in USD. I ship Monday through Thursday. No heat packs so please mind your weather-i do my best to insulate. You can request "hold for pickup" at your local post office when you order.

Rabbit foot fern I have had in quarantine for over a month now, but have changed directions I want to go with my plant selection. It has plenty of new growth adapted to humid viv environment (kept in a 20g high with 2" below pot (pot on a stand) and periodic misting.
Asking $15 for plant, its a lot more plant than you get from some online shops that just sell babies. This will need a medium priority box for $14 shipping

Some add ons:
*One* A large Orchid plant (largest leaf is 9"), no bloom stem (flower color unknown-this is a rescue from several years ago at lowes) would do better in a viv than my cold house. +$1

*One* Aloe plant 5-6" tall maybe have had several months.. again would be better in a viv than my cold house >.> +$2

Golden Pothos clippings-tell me the length you want (up to 12" pieces) mature leaves with roots started on clippings (I have no clue how much to ask for this?).. +$2 per 6"

*Limited* N'joy Pothos clippings- +$4 for 4" cuttings with roots started (sorry I like this so don't want to give too much)

You can also get free salvinia minima portion (10x5" tub worth) added to your order, just ask for it when you pm me -see my other plant thread-

If you only want some of the add ons pm me which you want and give your zip code, I'll figure out shipping (costs starts at $8 for small flat rate priority box- but orchid, aloe, or longer pothos cuttings need a bigger box.)

If you'd like photos or have questions let me know in pm.