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Thread: Injured Toad - how can I care for it?

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    Question Injured Toad - how can I care for it?


    my mother in law was using the strimmer in the garden and hit a toad (we think itís a toad!) my partner and I wanted to make sure it was ok so we put him in a bucket (thatís all we had) with some water and leaves and a plant and hoped it would survive.

    this morning we found that although he hadnít really moved, he had moved closer to the water and was alive! We fear that his legs may be broken (although we arenít really sure) and donít want to put him into the wild as we donít think he will survive.

    my partner is going to pets at home today to buy him a proper vivairium but we donít really know how else to care for him. We donít want to take him to a vet for fear of them putting him down but would like to know if thereís something in particular we can do for him. Can his legs heal?

    Anything you can suggest will be greatly appreciated!

    p.s we named him Oswald as it means power!

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    Default Re: Injured Toad - how can I care for it?

    Living in the UK, there are many amphibian groups you can contact for help with your toad, one in particular:
    Terry Gampper
    Nebraska Herpetological Society

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    Default Re: Injured Toad - how can I care for it?

    In this case the link provided above is great, but also for a case like this photos would be really helpful so that folk can help you identify Oswald and actually see the injury

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