So I'm planning on getting some frogs and I've been doing a lot of research but I still have a few questions left. The frogs I'm planning on getting are dendrobates leucomelas so I guess all these questions are related to them.

1. I wanted to get at least 2 but would prefer 3 however I really don't want to have them breeding because I have no where to put babies not do I have anyone to give them to. Would I be able to have 3 males or 3 females?

2. I know not to mix species or morphs and I don't plan to but I've seen leucs in Orange, yellow and the blue foots. Would I be able to have one of each of those together?

3. Where is the best place to purchase from? I would want them sexed so I know what I'm getting but a lot of online sellers only sell young ones.

Thanks for your help!