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Thread: Where have my isopods gone?

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    Default Where have my isopods gone?

    My whites tree frog tank is all set up now. I have a bioactive tank set up. I don't have the frogs yet, I will be getting those in about 4 weeks time.
    I put my springtails and Isopods in about a week and a half ago. The springtails are doing great, if I move leaf litter you can see them springing about all over the place but since putting the isopods in I haven't seen them. Is this normal? The only one I have seen is when I had a look in there today to mist the tank, there was one dead on the floor BUT having said that I did notice one not looking to happy when I put him in there. The others all started running off but this one just sat there and I think that must be the one. I know that Isopods obviously do burrow but is it normal to never really see them? I do have some cork bark in there so I suppose they could be hiding under there? Just a little worried after seeing that one today that they all may be dead and I don't have much of a clean up crew left.

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    Default Re: Where have my isopods gone?

    I don't believe I have ever seen any of the isopods I have put in my vivaria. I'm sure they are still there and probably dispersed all over the substrate both horizontally and vertically. Some people use them as a food source for their frogs, but I don't see how the frogs can find enough them to make them an effective feeder unless they are being offered in a container.
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    Thanks for that JimO, I am a total beginner so don't know what to expect with any of this.

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