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    I thought of sharing a few pictures of my Sonoran green toads. I've been keeping these lil guys for years. I keep them on a turface substrate topped with sand. Some of the terrariums have burm like structures made with sponge foam, but it's not necessary. I found out I could recreate the same effect with the substrate I use. They bury or create tunnels but it's better if I dig the initial tunnel myself. A few of the terrariums back and side walls are painted with black acrylic paint. Diet consists of mostly fruitflies, occasionally ants and termites. Hope you enjoy the pictures.
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    Here's a close up.
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    Wonderful toads. Last year, I visited Arizona and got to see breeding choruses of the closely related Anaxyrus debilis. I was badly tempted to bring some home, but unfortunately, my herp room is full.

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    Nice. Did you take any pictures that you like to share?

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