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Thread: Vet Suggested To Stop Feeding Dubias???

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    Default Vet Suggested To Stop Feeding Dubias???

    Hi all, had Mr Biggles for about 3 months now. Just took my 1 year old pixie to the vet today as I was concerned about impaction. He hadn't pooped in 3 weeks and I figured it was because he ate 10 morio worms. Turns out he's not impacted but heavily consitpated and I was given lactulose to treat him.

    He eats twice a week, some adult dubias, occasional night crawlers and recently I fed him the morio worms as he wasn't eating the nightcrawlers or dubias (he's quite fussy - previous owner had him on locusts, but I much prefer handling dubias + more cost effective) stopped feeding morio's now. He hadn't pooped about 10 days prior to feeding the morio worms, so maybe it was the dubia roaches that were causing some sort of constipation?

    The vet suggested for me to stop feeding dubias altogether and switch to crickets because the chitin in the dubias is too hard to digest, which is against all the information I have heard about dubias being better feeders? I don't really want to go back to crickets (tried before with my WTFs, they are doing fine on mainly dubias now) for me dubias are much easier feeders to take care of, but I'd like to get some second opinions about this.

    He is on eco earth. Live in the UK, on cold days I use a heating pad on the side of his tank and warmer/hot days don't use any heating.

    It's a little confusing having all this conflicting information. Anyone who has healthy, long lived african bullfrogs if they could tell me about their feeding routine and enclosure water bowl setup that would be of great help. Also would love some more opinions on the dubia roaches would be appreciated. Thank you.

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    Default Re: Vet Suggested To Stop Feeding Dubias???

    I am gonna bet it's the morio worms. I read they have a hard shell and can be hard to digest. The dubia roaches are an excellent feeder and can't imagine them causing impaction.

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    Default Re: Vet Suggested To Stop Feeding Dubias???

    i agree with Wart said. I never have heard to swap off dubias i mean if they do cause impaction then yes but it seems very hard for dubias to cause that.

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