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Thread: Can crickets climb tank walls?

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    Default Can crickets climb tank walls?

    I have a 2.5 gallon tank that iím using for a baby pacman. i put 2 crickets in last night, this morning there was just one left and i just checked and both are gone. i added two more because if he did eat them both he hasnít eaten in weeks and i want him to eat plenty. i keep my cricket keeper below the tank and did find a cricket i. the corner of my room. i donít know if he escaped the cricket keeper or the tank so i moved rhe cricket keeper to another room. i donít have a lid for my tank but iíll get one tomorrow. do you guys think the crickets could have escaped the tank? just to be sure the new ones donít escape i put a makeshift lid on using plastic wrap and put several holes in the middle.

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    it depends on the size of cricket from my experience like the adult crickets can jump and reach the lids or in your case just jump out i think medium sized crickets could but small or baby probably couldn't. Crickets are very good at escaping if you frog gets big enough you could try to swap him/her to Nightcrawlers aka earthworms i got money those won't jump out :P just make sure they are pet safe nightcrawlers and not fish bait nightcrawlers

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