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Thread: Do Magnets harm Frogs?

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    Default Do Magnets harm Frogs?

    I'm currently working on a new partial bio vivarium for my Gray Tree Frog. I also have a crested gecko & love the magnetic cage decor (ledges, hides, etc). I was hoping to use some of the same elements for my tree frog (she's hard on plants & I have to change them out often. And being able to remove everything for thorough cleanings is VERY helpful). But I keep coming across this article on "levitating frogs" - because the "scientist" are using high powered magnets & frog supposedly have their own magnetic fields. I don't want to harm my baby - or make her uncomfortable.... does anyone know for sure?!!??!? I can rework my plans if needed.... she doesn't do well in a total bio setup - I'm not willing to risk her getting impacted when she eats. Huge THX in advance...

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