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Thread: A few questions!

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    Default A few questions!

    Hello! This is my first post so excuse me if I make some mistakes..
    This is my toad Gourd:Name:  20180819_174750.jpg
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Size:  222.5 KBName:  20180819_175008.jpg
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    And I've had him for almost a year!
    But recently he has stopped eating for about 6 days.
    He used to eat almost any time I would put some crickets in his environment.
    Is it because he is now fully mature? Or is it because he is eating when I'm not looking? I try to take out all the crickets after putting them in,but they're quite good at hiding.
    He also might be full,as in the above picture,hes rather plump!

    Also,I'm aware he might not be Male,I just refer to him as that as I have no idea I'f hes Male or female,so an answer to that would be nice too!

    This is my first amphibian so I'm still getting used to all this,but as I have had him for about a year, I thought I had it all figured out!

    But I'm a little concerned,so I'm asking for your help.
    Thanks for reading

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    Default Re: A few questions!

    Sorry for the late response, how is the little guy doing? He does look very plump in that picture so if he goes off food for a little while I wouldn't worry too much. Did you get him as a baby or juvenile? Usually as frogs mature into adults they don't need to eat as much food, I feed mine 2-3 times per week, about 3-4 crickets per frog each time. As long as he is pooping and acting normal otherwise I would try just scaling back a little bit on the food and see if maybe you were just over feeding him.

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    Default Re: A few questions!

    Hi!! Thanks for responding,he is eating again now,and looking a bit thinner,so I think I was indeed over feeding him. Hes also more active now. I got him as a baby I think?
    Hes going to be a year old next month!Name:  20180921_101529.jpg
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