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Thread: Fire bellied toad eating problem??

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    Question Fire bellied toad eating problem??

    When I got my fire bellied toad a bout a month ago I used to feed him everyday day until he was full he got rly fat and now hasn't ate in a few weeks I try and try but he just pushes it away he is still healthy looking and hops and climbs around has clean moss and everything do I need to change what I feed him if so what do I feed him besides worms and crickets and should I be considered about this

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    Default Re: Fire bellied toad eating problem??

    What are you feeding him? Does it look like he could be bloated or possibly impacted? Has he pooped lately? If he is impacted this could be why he is refusing food and appears fat. It also could be possible that if you got him as a baby or a juvenile he needed to eat everyday, and now that he is an adult he does not need to eat as often. I feed my adult FBTs 2-3 times per week, usually about 3-4 crickets per frog each time. Are you dusting the food? I dust my crickets with a multivitamin and vitamin D supplement once a week.

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