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Thread: humidity for Whites Tree Frogs and feeding babies

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    Default humidity for Whites Tree Frogs and feeding babies

    I am new to Whites tree frogs and have recently purchased 2 babies. I have done the usual reading online but am finding the advice rather varied and contradictory. The care sheet i got from the shop says they need humidity of between 75 and 90%. sites online say it should be 50 to 60 at the most. Please can anyone advise correctly.

    Also, I am popping small crickets into their terrarium at night. Will they just go on the hunt fro food at night ? They are sleeping during the day so thought putting the crickets in during this period would be a waste of time ?

    Your help is much appreciated


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    Default Re: humidity for Whites Tree Frogs and feeding babies

    I'm also a new Whites Tree Frog owner, however I can tell what I've observed.

    My humidity I tend to keep at around 50 and 60, however don't be alarmed if your humidity spikes up to 70 as it will go down. I've found that my frog does well with this.

    As for feeding crickets I would't bother trying to feed during the day. To my understanding they are a nocturnal species and therefore will only hunt and roam around at night. I have a 3" male who I feed about every other day (for babies feeding is different) He will come out at about 11 pm, and since I'm up pretty late I just dump my crickets in at that time. If I feed during the day he'll just sleep while the crickets find a hiding place.


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    Default Re: humidity for Whites Tree Frogs and feeding babies

    Hi Alyssa,

    Thank you for your reply. It is very helpful

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