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Thread: caring for a toad....Help!

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    Unhappy caring for a toad....Help!

    I came home from helping a family member move and found this toad in the middle of my driveway. I tried to gently move it with my foot to see if it would jumpaway. When i had picked the toad up i could see that his tongue is out hanging off to the side and is unable to jump. I don't know what to do to help this poor little guy. I checked to see if he had any broken legs but seems that all four are fine. Anyone got any ideas on how to help him?

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    Default Re: caring for a toad....Help!

    Ugh. I see this was posted 2weeks ago. Is your toad still alive? If so how is he doing and did you get any help? This might be something for a vet to take a look at

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