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Thread: Bit confused about humidity

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    Default Bit confused about humidity

    I now have my vivarium all set up but I am a bit confused about what it is doing on the humidity side of things.
    When I turn the lights out at night ( I am doing a 12 hours on 12 hours off cycle) the humidity will read around 50 but when I get up in the morning it is reading about 70.
    I am a total newbie here, does that always happen? Once the lights go back on the humidity starts going down.
    The thing that is worrying me is that if I am getting a reading of say about 50 and I mist it enough to bring it up to about 60, is it going to go up to much overnight and start getting boggy.
    I have my drainage layer on the bottom then a mesh layer then my substrate and I have some spagnum moss and leaf litter. I have an umberella plant, a parlour palm, a pothos plant and a spider plant at the moment.
    Also which is the best hygrometer to use and where is the best place to put them? At the moment I have an Exo terra dial type and I had it at the top in the front corner.
    It just seems a little back to front to me BUT as I say I am a newbie with absolutely no experience with frogs whatsoever so I apologise for all the questions I keep posting but I don't know where else to ask as I haven't got a lot of faith in the only so called reptile and amphibian shop near me.
    I want to get this set up right.

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    Default Re: Bit confused about humidity

    its totally normal for the humidity to change as the lights come on/ off
    Main thing is always make sure your water level is well below your mesh layer as if the substrate gets too wet you will get an sharp increase in bacterial growth (not good bacteria either)

    As for the Hydrometer I have the same dial type as you, I ended up getting 2, placing them opposite each other to give an average reading (but honestly they read the same anyway)

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    Default Re: Bit confused about humidity

    It’s normal to have fluctuations in humidity. Remember it happens naturally so don’t sweat it too much. The humidity will increase after lights out and vice versa. Ambient conditions may also affect it as well unless your frog room is climate controlled. Hygrometers are not always accurate and tend to stress the hobbiest more than the frog. Frankly I don’t use them for that reason. Your set up sounds perfect. Sometimes restricting ventilation will help retain higher humidity if you are that concerned. I use plexiglass or glass over the screen top to accomplish this. Remember red eyes are nocturnal. So as long as there is a more humid period during lights out you should be fine.

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    Default Re: Bit confused about humidity

    Thank you both for your help and advice, it is very reassuring. I probably do over stress but I would hate to get my frogs in about a months time and have anything happen to them because of something I am not doing right.
    Thanks again.

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