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    I have an african clawed frog (not the drawf), currently he is in a 10g tank but iam setting up a planted 175g bow that will be heavily populated with live bearers such as guppies,mollies,platties and sword tails and i would like to keep my frog in this tank..i know he will eat the fry(thats what he did in the pet store i got him from) question is the tank is 29" tall so will that be to deep of swim for him to acess air easily or not????

    thanks for the replys

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    For the most part, African clawed frogs can be maintained at any water depth.The water should be standing or slowly moving. Water that is too shallow can increase stress levels while deeper water is enjoyed by males because their calls propagate better. There is no optimum water level. It has been my experience that minimum depths should be at least 1.5 times the length of the frog. 29 inches should not be a problem. You already recognized that these frogs are predators and will eat smaller fish, I predict a loss of a few fish. Good luck!
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    yep he / she lived for a couple months at the mom/pop petstore in thier guppy tank and he was extreemly well fed, i added 4 guppies to his 10g tank the other day 3 med to large prego females and one medium male..the medium male didnt last but a few hours but all 3 females are still there a week later and the biggest most ready to pop is hanging out in the floating plants this am so iamsure hell be hunting fry sometime today. my kids named himjumpy but they should have named him piggy because he eats atleast 1/2 a medium sized table shrimp a day plus the flakes the guppies miss plus his every other day feeding of 1 cube of various types of frozen fish foods and he is only about 2 inches(body not counting any limbs)

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